About Us

Benefits to Worldwide Food Manufacturers
We're in the spice business producing quality ground and blended spices.

We have wealth of experiences, expertises and facilities to comply with your specifications. Our unique milling process itself is worthy of special reference. Called the cryogenic processing plant, it offers numerous advantages not readily available to conventional grinder.

Our strategic location in Singapore, the crossroads of the East and West, offers excellent sourcing opportunities for raw spices from all parts of the world.

In essence, Spices International provides high quality products and services to food based industries.

The Advantages of Cryogenic Milling Technology
The advanced cryogenic plant uses liquid nitrogen to produce ground spice of fine homogeneous particle size and fresh colour.

The cryogenic process will retain all the natural volatile oil and hence will yield a superior aroma. This translates to a higher flavour potency for the same dosage of ground spice as compared to conventional. The controlled processing yields products that are more stable and consequently enhances the shelf life of spices.

  Quality Assurance & Worldwide Acceptance
A quality control team of food technologists is entrusted with the task of ensuring strict compliance to laid down criteria from raw materials to finished products.

The incoming raw material is subjected to extensive inspection to assure continual quality control. Both in-process and finished products are checked for moisture, particle size, consistent organoleptic quality and microbiological purity.

Product Development for New Endeavours
The dynamic product development division is an intergral force behind the elaborate spice processing operation. With built-in test kitchen and laboratory to undertake general and specific R & D work.